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We provide dental care to families in the Kirkland, Bothell, Woodinville, Redmond, Seattle, and Bellevue area. We see adults and Dr. Kang enjoy seeing children we strive to be able to provide care for the whole family no matter what age. Our team strives to build lasting relationships with our patients. 

Our focus is our patients, their needs and helping them to obtain the oral health and smile they deserve. We want our patients to be raving fans of our practice. We are a boutique practice that spends the time to build a lasting relationship with our patients. We achieve this by treating our patients with respect and care while creating beautiful, healthy smiles.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care. We recognize that each patient has unique needs. It is our job to understand our patients’ concerns and together we decide what treatment options are best suited to meet their needs. When necessary, we will also include highly qualified specialists to deliver the desired results.


I am one of Dr Kang's hygienists and I love working with her. I greatly admire her attention to detail and her excellent way of explaining the what and why of our procedures or prescriptions. She is committed to excellence in dentistry and also screens for various health issues such as sleep disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Throughout my career in the dental field, I’ve held various positions, but I have found the most fulfillment in my role as a dental hygienist for over 20 years.It allows me to build trusting relationships with my patients. My passion for dentistry and helping others has led me to volunteer annually since 2006 in Jamaica, providing dental care to underserved communities as well as volunteering locally on Medical Teams International dental van.

When I’m not working or volunteering, I cherish time with my husband of over 35 years, our two adult children, and two grandchildren. I love to travel and plan new adventures, both locally and abroad, as well as hiking and discovering new experiences.


Nicole grew up in Southern California and graduated from Lake Washington Institute of Technology Dental Assistant program. Her favorite part of dentistry is seeing the positive life-changing results that dentistry can provide for patients. In her spare time Nicole enjoys spending time with her friends and family, being outside with her dog, and watching movies with her son.


I am one of the dedicated front office coordinators at Dr. Kang’s esteemed dental practice. I grew up in Eastern Washington but I’ve found my professional home here for nearly three years. With seven years of experience in the dental field, joining Dr. Kang’s team in 2021 has been an enriching journey.

What sets Dr. Kang apart is her unwavering commitment to exceeding patient expectations and prioritizing their well-being. It’s truly inspiring to work alongside someone who goes above and beyond to ensure every patient receives exceptional care.

Beyond the office walls, you’ll often find me exploring new destinations with my husband, creating unforgettable memories one adventure at a time. I’m also a firm believer in the power of brunch and cherish those moments spent with friends. As a devoted dog mom to Vaca and Tati, I’ve learned the importance of love, care, and companionship, both in and out of the office.


I am part of the front office team at Dr. Teresa Kang's office. My background in the dental field has encompassed a variety of roles over the past 20+ years, from dental lab technician to dental assistant to a front office role. I love the quality of care that we are able to provide our patients at every level and take pride in being a part of this team.

When not at work, I enjoy exploring the outdoors hiking, camping, and backpacking. However, my greatest joy is playing and coaching football for the Seattle Majestics, a local women's professional football team.


I am one of the dental hygienists on Dr. Kang’s team! Originally from Connecticut, I relocated to the beautiful PNW in 2015 to explore the outdoors, coinciding with the start of my career in dentistry. I graduated from Lake Washington Institute of Technology right here in Kirkland. Dr. Kang is an excellent dentist. I admire her attention to detail, care for our patients, and focus on the correlation between oral health and overall health.


I am one of the dental hygienists on Dr. Kang's team. I graduated from Shoreline Community College almost 25 years ago. I've been with Dr. Kang for a little over two years now. It's great to work in an office where everybody is part of the same team. Dr. Kang excels at collaborating with her dental hygienists, and together, our patients benefit greatly from that collaboration.

Prior to entering the dental field, I served in the US Air Force for almost 13 years as a jet engine mechanic and a flight engineer on one of the largest cargo planes. During my time as a flight engineer, I traveled to almost all corners of the world, which was a wonderful experience. I can only hope to revisit some of those places in the future. I also served in the first Gulf War, and I am proud to be called a veteran.

After graduating from dental hygiene school, I worked with several top periodontists, helping patients control their disease. I firmly believe that with patient awareness and education, patients can take steps to achieve overall oral health. Additionally, I returned to Shoreline Community College as an educator, working for several years in clinical hygiene with second-year students, helping them hone their skills. I was also part of the mock board team, assisting students in preparing for their board exams.

Over the years, I've taken breaks from the dental field to explore other interests. I've traveled to every state in the United States in an RV and enjoy going on cruises, riding my motorcycle, mountain biking, and in the winter, hitting the slopes for skiing.


I am one of Dr. Kang's dental assistants, but I consider myself a "floater," adapting to where I'm needed most. You might find me at the front desk, collaborating with Carolina and Virginia, or in the back assisting. My journey with Dr. Kang's office began in 2016 as a volunteer, and I officially joined the team in 2019. As I "float" around the office, I witness Dr. Kang's unwavering passion for her patients from various perspectives.

My favorite aspect of my job is the diversity of roles I undertake - from assisting Dr. Kang chairside to working at the front desk, where I witness firsthand how her work brings smiles to people's faces. Dr. Kang has been instrumental in nurturing my passion for dentistry. Currently, I am completing my undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a Finance concentration. My aspiration is to attend dental school in the near future, with the hope of returning to work alongside Dr. Kang once again.

During my leisure time, I cherish moments spent with friends and family. I'm always seeking new experiences and adventures, whether it's learning to golf or mastering the slopes on a snowboard. Driven by a thirst for exploration, I continuously push myself to broaden my horizons and discover new places.

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